Formed originally in 1986, Lightning Strikes has had a long and somewhat complicated history. After their short run in 1986, drummer Karpis Maksudian attempted to reform Lightning Strikes in 1987 with a completely new lineup. However, in late 1987, they took a hiatus to write new material, which unfortunately became permanent.

Now, Karpis Maksudian has once again reformed Lightning Strikes with an all-star lineup of musicians to record a full length album. This lineup features vocalist Nando Fernandez, guitarist Rob Math, and Cat Tate, the bassist from Lightning Strikes’ first run in 1986. To add to this impressive list, Roy Z will be mixing the full album and keyboardist Derek Sherinian and former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin will be recording as guests.

The album also features a guest vocalist known as NOAH from the Japanese visual kei band Avanchick. NOAH recorded guest vocals for the traditional Japanese song “Doki no Sakura,” which has been recording in koto by the famous koto player Masayo Ishigure. NOAH also recorded the vocals for the track “Kamikaze,” which was originally written by Karpis in 1986.